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“Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards”

– Kierkegaard

In addition to the structural and physiological application possibilities of osteopathy, today—more than ever—the common thread of life is necessary for people to be able to live their lives successfully.

Often enough, however, the crux of the matter lies in the following; 


  • burn-out, feeling stressed
  • “the same thing happens over and over again.” 
  • commitment issues,
  • developments are not progressing,
  • unclear physical discomforts, etc.

I have been influenced by the following “teaching masters” in my training or various advanced training courses in humanistic and systemic psychotherapy:

  • Depth psychosomatics according to Terence Dowling (  )
  • Hamburg Institute for Systemic Solutions (
  • Communication psychologist Schultz von Thun (


According to Dowling, pregnancy and the course of our birth are already of major importance for these phases of our physical and psychological development. 

Since this imprint is pre-linguistic, our ability to cognitively and linguistically process these experiences is not always possible. 

Terence Dowling speaks of the trauma of birth in this depth psychosomatic approach. It is here that our central psychosomatic structures are formed. Everything is stored in the body memory. Linguistically, it is not accessible nor can it be put into words and processed.

As a result, my findings flow into my work as an osteopath through my further training with him, as well as my further training in systemic humanistic psychotherapy and communication psychology by Schultz von Thun.

 Access to this experience is possible through bodywork.

The goal is to establish or come into contact with the body’s natural self-regulation / self-healing powers. This can lead to overcoming and integrating the behavioral patterns of struggle, flight and paralysis (stress concept according to Hans Selye, Walter Cannon and Gerald Hüther)

As a result, individual potential and human resources can be attainable. New strategies for solving or dealing with given problems are created.

Are you looking for solutions to a problem?

Do you want to end a conflict or make a decision? 

Do you want to clarify unresolved questions or change your habitual patterns of behavior? 

Do you want a fresh impetus for yourself?

I would like to support you. Discover your potential and possibilities with me!

I can accompany you in a competent and sensitive manner. Always with respect for your existing situation and joy in the development of your new paths.